Merge the digital and physical world in real time
at the NantStudio Smart stage. Just plug and play.

Our grid comes pre-rigged with tracking markers compatible with a variety of Virtual Production systems. We welcome Clients to bring their own gear or work with one of our trusted partners to access the Virtual Production integrated pipeline. Learn more about the capabilities and process below or please reach out to us with any questions.

Key Benefits

Add flexibility. Cut time. Increase efficiency and effectiveness.


  • • Map out your shots, sets and world before you shoot.
  • • Maintain continuity throughout the pipeline.


  • • Real time view of actors and sets composited in the virtual world.
  • • Match on set lighting with the virtual environment.
  • • Work with standard production lenses and cameras.


  • • Reduce or eliminate post production tracking.
  • • Keep track of where virtual objects are placed on a shot by shot basis.
  • • Editorial can start immediately with a timecode matched composite image.

About Virtual Pipeline

Create your world. Visualize it live.

1. Create

Integrate real locations with virtual elements to create your world.

2. Test

Map your lenses and preview your sets during prelight.

3. Shoot

Produce your vision. Leave with a master and precomped version.

4. Edit

Edit together the precomped videos all timecode linked.

5. Track

Bring camera metadata to map your finished sequence.

6. Finish

Add color correction and visual effects for final output.